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Our proprietary solution that is proudly developed and built right here in Australia, provides fleet operators and fleet management platforms to plug into literally any type of on-board system or sensor in a Heavy Vehicle Fleet. We have developed this product from the ground up and it features a rugged IP68 Waterproof Enclosure with processing power that leaves any threat of competition in our wake.

We can customize the solution to suit any application or software platform.

Some of the standard features available include:    

  • J1939 CANBUS Integration (Two Way Capability)
  • Full range of customisable CANBUS data retrieval
  • CANBUS Query capability
  • Multi I/O Digital and Analogue Inputs for existing vehicle sensors
  • Proprietary dedicated CANBUS for up to 250 additional sensors
  • 2 x Dedicated Airbag Weight Monitoring Inputs
  • Integration into Concrete Agitator Systems for barrel direction & speed
  • Dedicated Waterflow Meters for on-board Water tanks
  • Multi Axle Weight Monitoring with our unique Axle Monitoring Kit

Not only does our solution offer Live Data Transfer Capability through our optional modem module but we can also customize an optional cloud based API solution so telematics providers can integrate into their existing telematics systems with ease.

Please contact us on 1300 722 127 for further information.