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Driver fatigue is a major issue battled by logistics businesses worldwide. The industry relies on drivers and businesses to comply with legislation and take the appropriate amount of minimum rest breaks to reduce the chance of driver fatigue impacting on their ability to drive their vehicle safely.

Unfortunately in recent years the pressure of meeting deadlines has seen an increase in fatigue related incidents and in October 2018 the NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator) in Australia, has demanded organisations take the appropriate steps using whatever means necessary to ensure drivers are complying with the law, and that organisations are not placing drivers in unrealistic deadline timeframes, and thereby introducing the “Chain Of Responsibility" legislation. Businesses who do not take the appropriate proactive action are exposed to huge fines and even the possibility of jail time.

Essentially the legislation outlines an onus on the organisation to take appropriate steps to prove they have done everything they can along their Delivery Chain all the way from the driver to Executive Management to ensure there aren't any circumstances that can be improved to reduce risk, and nobody is safe from escaping litigation if you are found to have weak links in your chain.

Netcorp GPS has developed an “off-the-shelf" application that marries driver Work Diary times with actual vehicle movement, that engages the driver at a minimal level but proactively monitors rest breaks and prompts any rest-break breaches prior to them happening. Alongside other smarts, drivers cannot put themselves on rest break whilst the vehicle is in motion and therefore ensures that rest break data is not only captured and monitored in “real-time" but also cannot be tampered with.

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