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Netcorp GPS was originally developed and designed to assist our existing clients, run fleets of motor vehicles, and monitor their delivery of business services by utilising GPS tracking technology.

With ongoing development in “real-life” scenarios we have worked with clients in many different industries to expand our range of products and services. We are able to offer a broad range of GPS tracking technologies to also include live monitoring and personal tracking.

By developing this product to suit the requirements of many industry specific clients, we can now offer it to a broad range of industries as an “off-the-shelf” product, or a customisable solution to suit any type of industry requiring live monitoring or tracking, as a solution to their business dynamics.

Business Benefits:

  • Offering fellow employees and clients visibility over service delivery vehicles
  • Improving the scheduling of vehicle maintenance
  • Tracking employee productivity
  • Providing Detailed Usage reports
  • Asset Tracking and Security
  • All types of static and mobile vehicle GPS Tracking

Our platform is the most versatile web based tracking solution available anywhere in the world that only needs an internet connection and a web browser.

Netcorp GPS is feature packed and below you will find a brief description of each of some of our product’s available features

Google Map Tracking Technology
Using the latest in GPS tracking technology, you can rest assured that your investment in GPS technology with Netcorp has the most advanced mapping technology in the world. It will remain as current as satellite mapping technology, and will never require updating! More features are released on a regular basis.
Full Screen Monitoring
We have designed our product to be adaptable to open on a large FULL SCREEN mode in a Call Centre or Base Station type environment, offering the largest visibility possible of your entire fleet. This proves useful in giving the most up to date live information about asset location and assigning jobs to service vehicles in the fastest way possible.
Live Vehicle GPS Tracking
Our system is capable of delivering updates of up to 10 second intervals, being the fastest available in the GPS tracking industry. Current GPS tracking location by actual street number and address using advanced Mapping Technology, Speed of the Vehicle at its last Update, and much much more
Fast GPS Tracking Recall
By using our fast tracking methods you can recall up to 24 months of data for a specific period of time between 1 and 24hrs. With Netcorp GPS tracking, not only will you be able to view graphical path of travel and the total KM’S travelled during this period of time, but also much much more.
Individual Tracker Configurations
With Netcorp GPS tracking, you can set individual tracker configurations such as speed alerts, naming conventions, grouping, driver names, km alerts (using virtual odometer), and individual e-mail configurations (SMS also available). This offers businesses the flexibility of customising each tracker to suit their own requirements.
Driver Behaviour Monitoring
Monitoring sensible driver behaviour is easily done with a range of features built in to Netcorp’s GPS for the car tracking system. Assets can be monitored and alerted based on exceeding preset speeds. Driver travel route patterns can be improved by monitoring their road usage and delivering better site arrival times, and much much more.
GPS Geo-Fencing Technology
With our easy to use GEO-Fencing technology, in a few simple clicks you can create complex polygons on a live Map, creating a “Virtual Fence”, which you will be able to monitor by instant e-mail alerts when a particular vehicle enters and/or exits the Geo-Fence.
Multiple Logins
Business units within an organization have different levels of security clearances within their IT environment, so why have a single login for accessing valuable company data and reports with your GPS tracking system? Netcorp GPS offers clients the ability to assign different user access levels depending on their login.
Follow Me Feature
If you want to keep an eye on a particular tracker, use the “follow me” feature to centrally locate the asset on your browser, and follow the asset on its travels to track a car like never before.
Virtual Odometer & KM Alerts
You can also set KM alerts on each individual asset which alerts users as to when a vehicle has reached the calculated target. This comes in handy particularly with larger fleets when vehicles require to be serviced every “x” Km’s. Simply type in the target in your web portal, and as soon as that tracker reaches that preset target users are alerted by pre-programmable on-screen messages or e-mail alerts.
Home Positioning
Position your home base on the GPS tracking mapping application to quickly view the location of your assets and distance from “home”.
Detailed Customisable Reporting
Our various plans offer database recording from 3 -24 months, which can all be reported on for various types of data. All data and reporting is available within our portal, and custom reports can be created to suit your business requirements.