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Government GPS Asset Tracking System & Devices


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The Government sector benefits hugely from GPS tracking technology in the form of Fleet Monitoring, Personal Monitoring, Mobile Phone Monitoring and SOS Functionality. Netcorp GPS currently supports a number of councils within NSW, in the form of fleet monitoring, Geofences and SOS capabilities

Government and Council agencies are often vulnerable to the misuse, damage and/or fraudulent use of expensive equipment and mobile assets. GPS tracking can provide management with solutions on how to monitor their assets and manage employees, leading to greater efficiencies and a reduction in costs

Government agencies also have to comply with OH&S Laws and have a duty of care to ensure employee safety on the job. GPS monitoring allows management to assess any risks being faced by employees and take adequate steps to ensure their safety


  • Comply with OH&S Laws
  • Provide employee safety and peace of mind
  • Improve productivity
  • Calculate potential risks