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Netcorp’s “Plug and Play” OBD Device is a true 4G/LTE device with highly advanced data collection capability. In less than 1 minute, the device plugs into any On Board Diagnostics port, available in most late model vehicles. It is the same port used by your mechanic for fault diagnosis, and our NCOBD device can capture vital vehicle statistics using the same method.

You can now “Live View” Vehicle RPM, Fuel Level, Fuel Consumption and many other diagnostics. Netcorp GPS enables you the ability to create reports and manage these within the one platform. (Vehicle must support these features through its OBD Port)

The NC-OBD device has both internal GPS and GSM antennas making the installation compact and easy to roll out with small and large fleets. If a covert installation is required this can also be done by one of our installers or your own maintenance team, by the use of a customised OBD port splitter, making your OEM vehicle plug remain the same as it appears from the factory.

If you want to provide your own SIM with the device, we can also enable a WIFI Hotspot in the vehicle for passengers to connect to and utilize fast 4G WIFI connectivity as well.

This is ideal for companies that require connectivity to other IOT devices which are now becoming common in vehicle fitouts, such as WIFI enabled Dash Cams for Live Remote Viewing.

Ask about our Blackvue Live Viewing Dash Camera Solution.